Ian has over 40 years of experience in the water sector, including at Executive General Manager level, and brings a strong background in water policy, resource management and economic regulation from a water utility perspective.  When at South East Water Ian was instrumental in the translation of broad water policy into the necessary institutional, governance and regulatory frameworks to support those policy directions.  Within that context, Ian has extensive experience in the development and implementation of the water supply and demand strategies and other measures to ensure water security outcomes are achieved to meet the needs of customers, stakeholders and water business.  He also has an extensive understanding of the governance framework for water resources and water markets operating in Victoria.


Chris has a background in biology and philosophy and has worked for the last 25 years in technical and management roles in the Department of Water Resources, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water.  At Melbourne Water he was General Manager of the Waterways Group for over six years with responsibility for stormwater, floodplain and waterway management across a region of 13,000 km2 and over four million people.  After a brief role as the initial CEO of the Office of Living Victoria, he returned to Melbourne Water as the General Manager of Service Delivery. He has since taken up a role as Director Strategic Engagement with the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities and is also a Commissioner with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder.


Alan is a creative designer, developing infographic, interactive PDF document and visual design components to create a product that is both information-rich and visually stunning.

Alan has over 25 years’ experience in the design and branding industry, working with clients Sony Music, Nike, Visa and The Premier League. He has worked across brand and awareness projects for local government, transport, regional development and regeneration sector bodies. Alan specialises in tackling projects aimed at hard to reach audiences and devising visual languages and messaging that reaches them.


Matilda is a writer and editor who specializes in storytelling.

She focuses on creating stories that inspire positive change, illuminate individual organisations’ capability and demonstrate how programs or policies impact communities.

At Foundry Associates, she is working to bridge the gap between technical professionals and society. She also produces stories for Arup, create magazine (the industry magazine for Engineers Australia), Diversity Partners, Engineers Without Borders, Pitt and Sherry and RedR. Whatever the organisation, her goal is to improve the effectiveness of communication strategies with the use of evocative, original narratives that touch and inspire people.


Ian is a leadership coach and facilitator who specialises in transforming technical professionals into highly effective leaders. Over the last 20 years Ian has coached and developed more than 1,000 technical professionals and senior managers across the private, public, higher education and professional services sectors.

From this experience, Ian has discovered that many technical professionals feel overwhelmed when it comes to leading others. The ultimate prize; technical professionals that are transformed into high performing and visible quiet leaders in their field.


Michael is a data and systems analyst who specialises in data visualisation. He is passionate about demystifying complex systems and democratising evidence-based policy. Michael has managed projects and designed products for the official support of data visualisation and geographical information systems (GIS) in Australian Curriculum. He is adept at developing evidence-based corporate, project and service strategies, as well as leading user-centred designs for interactive systems. Michael has worked with and consulted on state and federal education systems, the University of Melbourne, leading Australian app developer, B2Cloud, as well as NGOs in Bandung, Indonesia and Yangon, Myanmar.


Peter Canny is a facilitator, trainer and coach, with particular expertise in the area of leadership and team development. Peter is dedicated to developing holistic leaders who are equipped to handle the complexity of their role and are mindful of the impact of their own state of mind and behaviours.

Critically aware that knowledge is significant capital to organisations today, Peter works with a focus on developing, sharing and eliciting knowledge in a way that builds personal and organisational effectiveness. He uses an integrated approach to adult learning which ensures the values and outcomes for all stakeholders are aligned and embedded in programs that are contextualised, relevant and stimulating.

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What our clients say...

Lindsey successfully project managed and made invaluable intellectual contribution to a project that has the potential to save Victorian taxpayers multiple millions of dollars. Lindsey’s knowledge of stormwater policy and critical assessment of the situation, combined with her apt communication skills, helped lead to a desirable and swift outcome for Melbourne Water. I would not hesitate to engage Lindsey again for solutions to urban stormwater policy problems.

- Aquatic Scientist

I would definitely recommend Lindsey and her team. Her ability to take complex issues and frame them in a way that is understandable by the community was invaluable. Helping us to be really clear on the purpose, audience and key messages for our document was what made it a success.

- Project Director

We had a need for an engaging collaborative submission to a planning agency. Lindsey knows what she is doing and has the passion to see change and is intent on getting the job done to a point she will be proud of the outcome.

- Service Planning Lead