Management Team


Managing Director

Lindsey is an Engagement Strategist and dynamic water industry leader that brings local, interstate and international experience in the public and private sectors. She is known for using her water industry knowledge to powerfully communicate complex ideas and concepts for a broad audience. She is passionate about strengthening connections between water infrastructure and the communities that it serves. As the Managing Director of Foundry, she draws on the Associates to pull together the “dream team” to deliver the best outcome for clients.

Lindsey has a strong background in policy and public affairs that assists technical professionals navigate government and regulatory issues that have implications for communities, businesses, and the environment. She has led award-winning projects and has a reputation for delivery. Her planning projects include the world first Little Stringybark Creek Environmental Significance Overlay and multiple reviews of planning policy relating to urban water management. She has helped develop key strategic documents including Opportunities for a Water Sensitive Greater Sydney, the urban water chapter of Water for Victoria and the Melbourne Urban Water Strategy. She has used her industry knowledge to perform strategic planning for industry organizations such as Stormwater Victoria and the Splash Network.

Lindsey is currently the Victorian President of the Australian Water Association (AWA) and is the national representative for Victoria for Stormwater Australia. She is a sought-after presenter and has been a keynote speaker at industry forums in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.


Operations Manager

Tricia is the Foundry Operations Manager responsible for the day to day activities of the business and support for the team, while also taking an active role to successfully deliver projects.

With a geography and environmental science background, Tricia has worked as a Research Assistant with the Coorporative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) for over four and a half years, across several disciplines including social and climate science. Her projects included the development of the industry recognised Water Sensitive Cities Index, working with relevant stakeholders and the team to build a useful product for industry, and the development of the strategic planning tool, DAnCE4Water.  In her role as a Project Officer at the CRCWSC, she assists with communications and project management of a whole of catchment working group, with members including local government, state government, water retailers, and water authorities.

Tricia was the Production Manager for the successful development of Monash Water for Liveability Centre’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) – Water for Liveable and Resilient Cities.

Tricia has a passion for making a real difference in the world and if there is a way to achieve it, she will do her best make sure that it happens!


Finance Manager

Neha is a qualified CPA with a Masters in accounting, and uses her passion for accounts, cash flow and compliance to ensure Foundry’s financial sustainability. With a strong background in small business, and as a business owner herself, Neha provides valuable advice and direction on all financial matters. In addition to being the Finance Manager for Foundry, Neha plays the role of treasurer for various not for profit institutions, to indulge her love for numbers.


Project Officer

Amelia comes from a technical consulting background, and has experience in numerical modelling and all things GIS. With her innate organisation skills and unrelenting enthusiasm, she plays an active role in project delivery, proposal writing, logistics and business marketing, and provides personal support for our wonderful Managing Director, Lindsey. Like the rest of the team at Foundry, Amelia shares a passion for bringing watery innovation to life through clever and powerful communication.

She is concurrently studying a Master of Environment at Melbourne University, and her majors in Education and Social Change resonate well with her desire to inspire positive, sustainable and long-lasting social change. Amelia is also an avid hockey player, and when she is not behind the desk you can find her hitting it up at her local hockey club.

Ready to forge ahead?


What our clients say...

Lindsey successfully project managed and made invaluable intellectual contribution to a project that has the potential to save Victorian taxpayers multiple millions of dollars. Lindsey’s knowledge of stormwater policy and critical assessment of the situation, combined with her apt communication skills, helped lead to a desirable and swift outcome for Melbourne Water. I would not hesitate to engage Lindsey again for solutions to urban stormwater policy problems.

- Aquatic Scientist

I would definitely recommend Lindsey and her team. Her ability to take complex issues and frame them in a way that is understandable by the community was invaluable. Helping us to be really clear on the purpose, audience and key messages for our document was what made it a success.

- Project Director

We had a need for an engaging collaborative submission to a planning agency. Lindsey knows what she is doing and has the passion to see change and is intent on getting the job done to a point she will be proud of the outcome.

- Service Planning Lead