Foundry team expanding

Posted on July 5 2019

Foundry’s team continues to expand, with the addition of two new Associates. 

We are pleased to have two amazing Associates join the Foundry team! Introducing…..

Leon Harvey – Leon joins Foundry with over 15 years’ experience in technical and leadership roles in the water industry. Leon uses his industrial design and landscape architecture background to achieve strategic outcomes by placing users, customers and communities at the centre of decision making.

Seanna Davidson – Seanna has over 10 years’ experience in the water sector and a PhD in water governance. She has worked across government, NGOs and the private sector in water management and policy. Seanna is a systems practitioner and process designer, working with individuals and teams to unpack complex situations through systems approaches, reflective practice and action learning.

Welcome Leon and Seanna!

Inspiring industry leaders feature in Foundry’s YWP Leadership Program

Posted on December 13 2018

Foundry’s Leadership Foundations Program will enable participants to feel empowered in their own ability to lead and provide opportunities to network with other young water professionals and learn from respected water industry leaders.

The program features a blended learning approach and starts with a full day workshop, where participants will be introduced to Tathra Street’s concept of the Integrated Intelligence Framework and meet some inspiring, water industry leaders.

We are delighted to confirm the following industry leaders will be sharing their experience, insights and knowledge in the initial full-day workshop:

Rob Skinner Professorial Fellow, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University

In-addition to his role with the Monash Sustainability Development Institute, Rob is also Chair WaterAid Australia, Chair, WaterAid International, Deputy Chair, Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Water Sensitive Cities, Deputy Chair, Yarra Valley Water, Director, International Centre of Excellence for Water Resources Management and Chair, International Water Association’s Cities of the Future Program Committee. He has also been a Board member of the Water Services Association of Australia, is a Distinguished Fellow of the International Water Association and Chair of the Association’s Cities of the Future Program. During his working life, Rob was Managing Director of Melbourne Water from 2005 to 2011 and Chief Executive Officer, Kingston City Council from 1994 to 2004.

Rosie Wheen Chief Executive, WaterAid Australia

Rosie is a passionate advocate for human rights, gender equality and universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene. She has two decades of international development experience, having lived and worked in Indonesia for six years before joining WaterAid Australia at its inception in 2004. She was Director of International Programs prior to becoming Chief Executive in 2016. Rosie’s leadership manifesto focuses on being an authentic, servant leader who always pushes herself beyond her comfort zone; this is where Rosie believes she learns most and performs at her best.

David Kirby Market Sector Manager, Water & Environment, Vic/Tas, KBR

David has over 25 years of experience in business management, program and project management, a background is in water engineering projects and has been responsible for the design and construction management of a wide range of water infrastructure from large wastewater treatment plants to small pipelines. David is also a champion of integrated water management practices and has been a participant in the CRCWSC. Over the last decade, he has managed the water and environmental businesses of several major consultancies in Victoria and been an active member of the Australian Water Association, including being the Victorian President from 2015-2017.

Lindsey Brown Managing Director, Foundry Associates

Lindsey is an Engagement Strategist and dynamic water industry leader known for using her deep, water industry knowledge to powerfully communicate complex ideas and concepts for a broad audience. She is passionate about connecting great solutions with the people who need them and has a strong background in policy and public affairs that assists technical professionals navigate government and regulatory issues with implications for communities, businesses, and the environment. In-addition to working at Foundry, Lindsey is also the Victorian President of the Australian Water Association (AWA) and is a sought-after public speaker on the power of communication, water sensitive futures, and gender diversity.

When reflecting on the approach for the Foundations Leadership Program, Leadership Coach Tathra Street said, “People will have an opportunity to get clear on what they are aiming for, why they are doing the program and an appropriate goal. Just before the program ends, we will look at how they progressed before that goal, what they learned along the way and anything else they want to acknowledge in their learning journey. Then we will wrap up with a half day where they report back on their own experience, what it’s meant to them and where they want to go with it.”

Visit https://www.foundry.associates/leadership-foundations-program/ or contact Foundry on 03 9088 2011 to reserve your place today!

Cultivating future leaders for the water industry

Posted on November 29 2018

Do you want to be empowered in your own ability to lead and inspire leadership in others?

Leadership coach, Futurist and Educator, Tathra Street, believes in empowering people at every level to behave as leaders, to do the best they can with what they have and to step up and make a difference. Her podcast, Tall Poppy, focussing on a new, human-centred style of leadership, has been downloaded over 20,000 times by listeners across 17 countries.

Tathra and Foundry have teamed up to deliver a unique, Leadership Foundations Program for Young Water Professionals. We asked Tathra to tell us about her approach and what participants can expect from the program.

What is the reasoning behind the creation of this program?

Currently, we don’t get a lot of training in leadership skills, especially in light of how fast things are changing and the importance of what I think of as future proofing skills. These are things like people skills, understanding power dynamics, how to help someone feel more comfortable after a major setback, or how to include diverse perspectives to get a better outcome.

The problem is that people, generally, lead based on what they have learned from people who have an old school style of leadership. A lot of people come to me and say, “I am not leading in line with my values, I’m noticing myself being directive, when I want to be collaborative.”

Gallup has been telling us for years that about three quarters of our workforce is disengaged. Part of that is there is this outdated idea that we have to bring our professional selves to work, rather than our whole selves to work.

The work I do is at the intersection of person and professional development. It’s about recognising that the barriers to leadership are often personal and when we can overcome those, people feel empowered in their own leadership and lead more effectively.

This program reflects my belief in empowering people to create environments where we can bring all of ourselves to work, allowing more humanness at work, remaining professional, without having to eclipse our humanity.

Tell us about your approach to leadership coaching?

Human-centred leadership focusses on Integrated Intelligence. It’s about looking at the different kinds of intelligences and how they impact the way we lead. Focusing on inspiration over influence.

These include Emotional Intelligence and Power Intelligence, which is about recognising the role that rank and power play in things like influence, different ways to get groups of people to work together and how to bring in different ways of thinking.

There’s also World View Intelligence – a recognition we each have a different perspective influenced by things like ethic origin, education and gender.

The last one brings it all together is Collective Intelligence. This can simply be facilitating, but it is also utilising all those different things to generate the wisdom of the group to understand what it is we know together, that we don’t know on our own.

Can you give us an example of how human-centred leadership helps people personally and professionally?

Human-centred leadership fosters a more holistic and creative approach to problem solving. This is because our decisions are often based on the assumptions we make about a problem, which doesn’t generate robust solutions.

Being curious helps us illuminate some of the assumptions we make. When we talk to people about what they know about either the problem, or the solution, or both, it is more fruitful than the common ethos of “If I am the leader, I should make the decision.”

Deciding to consult, inquire and shed those assumptions can really make a difference in generating robust, more innovative solutions compared to the traditional ways of problem solving.

What will young water professionals (YWP) learn from doing this program?

How to be more effective in their role and bring their best self to work in a way that acknowledges their own humanity and the humanity of the people they work with.

I think they will feel empowered in their own ability to lead and to inspire leadership in others. It’s about equipping people with the skills to make better decisions, to effectively navigate challenges, get comfortable having difficult conversations and be the kind of leader that is going to ultimately lead us into a future we want to create, rather than the default future that is happening to us.

It sounds lofty, but the program is very practical and will provide the skills to be adaptable, confident with decision making and lead in line with their values. The feedback I get from my leadership coaching is that people really like that they come up with their own answers and apply it to what they are doing on the ground.

It will also help people manage up in a way that is respectful, and when managing other people, to get the best out of their team by helping them to see things like context, nuances in checking assumptions, inviting curiosity, flexibility and being with uncertainty.

Foundry’s Leadership Foundations Program starts on 4 February 2019. Contact Foundry on (08) 9088 2011 today to reserve your place.

Introducing Leadership Coach Tathra Street

Posted on November 22 2018

We are delighted to introduce Leadership Coach,  Tathra Street, who will be delivering our Leadership Foundations Program for Young Water Professionals in February 2019 with Foundry Managing Director and Australian Water Association Victorian President, Lindsey Brown.

Tathra is passionate about change, leadership and integrating collective intelligence. Her work as a coach, facilitator and consultant is at the intersection of personal and professional development and is founded in empowering individuals to find their own answers.

She is an advocate of the possibility of a bright future, which depends on a willingness to be bold and visionary. She is known for her exceptional skills in expanding individuals’ perspectives to assist them in overcoming obstacles to achieve results. As a facilitator, she skilfully cultivates group wisdom.

Tathra has deep experience fostering leadership that generates creativity for innovation and has worked with groups and individuals from a variety of organisations including The Centre for Multicultural Youth, The Plato Project, D-E Air, Births Deaths and Marriages, as well as industry bodies in waste management and environmental education.

Her philosophy focusses on empowering people at every level to behave as leaders, to do the best they can with what they have, and to step up and create the thriving future we want, rather the default future we are heading towards.

The power of narratives

Posted on August 16 2018

It was great to see our resident storyteller, Matilda present at Where the Waters Meet 2018 AWA Conference in Hobart. True to form, she captured the hearts and minds of her audience. Congratulations Matilda and to all the other presenters!

Change the way you engage with your stakeholders by letting #teamfoundry showcase the power of narratives.

Forging squad growing

Posted on February 27 2018

Our Foundry gang is rapidly expanding as we welcome another two members to our team – Ian Johnson (Associate) and Amelia Leavesley (Project Officer). Ian has over 40 years of experience in the water sector, including at Executive General Manager level, and brings a strong background in water policy, resource management and economic regulation from a water utility perspective. Amelia comes from a technical consulting background, and has experience in numerical modelling and all things GIS.

Welcome to #teamfoundry Ian and Amelia

Foundry abstract featured in the OzWater newsletter

Posted on February 27 2018

Our Associate Matilda Bowra has not only had her paper accepted to the OzWater 2018 Conference, but her abstract is featured in the latest OzWater newsletter – The Power of Stories. Well done Matilda!

We are Foundry!

Posted on April 21 2017

We are Foundry and we are now live! We would like to welcome our team of Associates, together with our management team and friends of Foundry, as we celebrate our soft launch this Friday. We are also excited about our official launch at the Stormwater Victoria Conference in Lorne in a couple of weeks. We can’t wait to start forging ahead! We are really looking forward to working with industry to make a REAL difference! 

Ready to forge ahead?


What our clients say...

Lindsey successfully project managed and made invaluable intellectual contribution to a project that has the potential to save Victorian taxpayers multiple millions of dollars. Lindsey’s knowledge of stormwater policy and critical assessment of the situation, combined with her apt communication skills, helped lead to a desirable and swift outcome for Melbourne Water. I would not hesitate to engage Lindsey again for solutions to urban stormwater policy problems.

- Aquatic Scientist

I would definitely recommend Lindsey and her team. Her ability to take complex issues and frame them in a way that is understandable by the community was invaluable. Helping us to be really clear on the purpose, audience and key messages for our document was what made it a success.

- Project Director

We had a need for an engaging collaborative submission to a planning agency. Lindsey knows what she is doing and has the passion to see change and is intent on getting the job done to a point she will be proud of the outcome.

- Service Planning Lead