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Introducing Leadership Coach Tathra Street

Posted on November 22 2018

We are delighted to introduce Leadership Coach,  Tathra Street, who will be delivering our Leadership Foundations Program for Young Water Professionals in February 2019 with Foundry Managing Director and Australian Water Association Victorian President, Lindsey Brown.

Tathra is passionate about change, leadership and integrating collective intelligence. Her work as a coach, facilitator and consultant is at the intersection of personal and professional development and is founded in empowering individuals to find their own answers.

She is an advocate of the possibility of a bright future, which depends on a willingness to be bold and visionary. She is known for her exceptional skills in expanding individuals’ perspectives to assist them in overcoming obstacles to achieve results. As a facilitator, she skilfully cultivates group wisdom.

Tathra has deep experience fostering leadership that generates creativity for innovation and has worked with groups and individuals from a variety of organisations including The Centre for Multicultural Youth, The Plato Project, D-E Air, Births Deaths and Marriages, as well as industry bodies in waste management and environmental education.

Her philosophy focusses on empowering people at every level to behave as leaders, to do the best they can with what they have, and to step up and create the thriving future we want, rather the default future we are heading towards.

Ready to forge ahead?