Leadership Foundations Program

Young technical professionals need more than just technical knowledge to be effective leaders and influence practice change. But how can they gain the necessary skills and mindsets to capitalise on their strengths, develop their leadership capabilities and accelerate their careers?

Foundry’s Leadership Foundations Program helps early career water professionals develop the skills and mindsets necessary to become effective leaders, maximise opportunities and take their next career step with confidence.

Other programs in this space are often too long and expensive (a year commitment or more) or short and lack impact (one or two days). This program is specifically designed to build a platform of leadership capability for young water professionals that is tailored to their needs, and is effective and affordable.


Our program empowers people to:

1. Take charge of their career development

2. Become effective change makers

3. Be recognised as leaders and champions

4. Accelerate their careers and achieve results

5. Expand their industry network

6. Develop a sense of community with other motivated, young professionals.


What is Foundry’s Leadership Foundations Program?

Our Leadership Foundations Program is run by a highly experienced leadership and organisational development coach and facilitator who specialises in transforming technical professionals into highly effective leaders, complemented by a team of water industry leaders.

This tailored 12 week program includes industry speakers, face to face and online group sessions and one-on-one coaching. It includes:

Week 1 A full day face to face workshop.

Week 2 An individual coaching session with our leadership coach.

Weeks 3 – 10 Four x fortnightly 1.5 hour group online coaching calls with up to eight participants.

Week 11 An individual online coaching session with our leadership coach.

Week 12 A final half day workshop including a guest speaker and next steps.

CHECK-IN Participants are followed up after three and six months to find out what has changed and how they are progressing. ENROLMENT FEES Cost $2,500 per participant (group rates available)



“Finally a course that focuses on how you show up, not just what you know. As a young professional, the importance of self-awareness and personal leadership is often acknowledged, but not taught. It’s so empowering to be exposed to these concepts early, so I can apply them throughout my career.” — Young Surface Water Scientist

At the end of the 12-week program, participants will:


Have developed an in-depth awareness of their leadership strengths and opportunities for development.


Leave with a tailored plan of what to focus on over the next six months.

What our clients say...

Lindsey successfully project managed and made invaluable intellectual contribution to a project that has the potential to save Victorian taxpayers multiple millions of dollars. Lindsey’s knowledge of stormwater policy and critical assessment of the situation, combined with her apt communication skills, helped lead to a desirable and swift outcome for Melbourne Water. I would not hesitate to engage Lindsey again for solutions to urban stormwater policy problems.

- Aquatic Scientist

I would definitely recommend Lindsey and her team. Her ability to take complex issues and frame them in a way that is understandable by the community was invaluable. Helping us to be really clear on the purpose, audience and key messages for our document was what made it a success.

- Project Director

We had a need for an engaging collaborative submission to a planning agency. Lindsey knows what she is doing and has the passion to see change and is intent on getting the job done to a point she will be proud of the outcome.

- Service Planning Lead