90-Minute Collaboration Workshop

Are you:

  • Trying to get outcomes across organisational silos?
  • Wanting to create better outcomes for your customers and community?
  • Wondering how to inspire your team to work differently?

Our 90-minute Collaboration Workshop is designed to quickly and effectively understand team challenges and generate ideas on how you can overcome them.

Our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience working with water industry professionals allows us to understand your issues and get to the heart of the matter quickly.



This workshop is conducted by Foundry Managing Director Lindsey Brown. Lindsey is an experienced Facilitator, Engagement Strategist and dynamic water industry Leader. She is known for using her deep, water industry knowledge and facilitation expertise to unpack complex issues, generate team buy-in and co create collective visions. Lindsey will work with your team to:

  • Bring people from different backgrounds together to identify collaboration challenges
  • Create a shared vision of success
  • Prioritise actions for achieving your vision
  • Forge ahead with confidence.


               Cost – $499 (ex. GST)


What our clients say...

Lindsey successfully project managed and made invaluable intellectual contribution to a project that has the potential to save Victorian taxpayers multiple millions of dollars. Lindsey’s knowledge of stormwater policy and critical assessment of the situation, combined with her apt communication skills, helped lead to a desirable and swift outcome for Melbourne Water. I would not hesitate to engage Lindsey again for solutions to urban stormwater policy problems.

- Aquatic Scientist

I would definitely recommend Lindsey and her team. Her ability to take complex issues and frame them in a way that is understandable by the community was invaluable. Helping us to be really clear on the purpose, audience and key messages for our document was what made it a success.

- Project Director

We had a need for an engaging collaborative submission to a planning agency. Lindsey knows what she is doing and has the passion to see change and is intent on getting the job done to a point she will be proud of the outcome.

- Service Planning Lead